'See Me' is a skateboard art project, with a well-being focus, for young people giving them a voice to express who they are. Our project will encourage them to see that they are magnificent just the way they are. To change the conversation of their identity and self-worth. To empower them to show the world who they are, removing negative labels and replacing them with positive words and images. To inspire young people that following an artistic career path is possible, by meeting and spending time with inspiring, independent local artists.

This year 200 students (years 8-10) will take part in this project. We have produced a short promotional video,                  , outlining the intention of the project and showcasing the artist mentors encouraging creative students to "sign up". An introduction workshop with 20 students will run about a week prior to painting, where they will be encouraged to start thinking about what they will paint on a blank skateboard deck, expressing visually who they are. Sharing and personal reflection prior to painting will encourage each artist to see themselves in a new light. Following this will be an entire art day at their school, painting their skateboards with the help of 5 local artists. At the end of the project there is to be an exhibition of all the skateboards at the 013 art gallery celebrating the extraordinary lives of these young people. Each skateboard can then go home to the artists to remind them of their experience and personal journey.